1.  Who is Aaron?

Aaron is a Brevard NC native who studied photography in Montana and then had personal instruction in Asheville, NC from a a leading Architectural Photographer whose work has appeared in hundreds of magazines included Architectural Digest. Aaron went on to work for a leading ad agency from Texas specializing in Luxury Properties, as well as other agencies and businesses who demand professional images

2. What are the rates?

Projects vary greatly in scope so the rates vary accordingly. Estimates can be delivered fairly quickly if you can provide as much info as possible about what you are needing and how soon you need it. 

3. Why are you images different , what is your style?

The majority of interior photography is done by either blending various exposures or using strong artificial flash. Aaron views both of those routes as being like a seasoning on food, both have their place in certain situations but too much of either makes for an odd and non realistic image. The majority of images you see in the portfolio were taken by carefully analyzing the existing light and finding the prime blend of ambient and natural light. It can be a slow and tedious form of photography that is not always the most efficient but there is no substitute for it, you cannot photoshop real ambience. Exteriors also have prime times when they look their best and these too can be tedious but rewarding. 

4. How do we book?

After agreeing on our project cost, we will set a date and a weather back up if needed. Depending on the workload I may ask for a small non refundable deposit to hold your date. I try to leave 1-2 days every week open for short notice assignments. 

5. Do you have back up equipment , insurance, and how do you dress for the job?

Yes Aaron has both back up equipment and is fully insured. Aaron has worked with hundreds of demanding professionals and luxury home owners and is always seen dressed and acting in a manner appropriate to the assignment. 

6. Do you travel?

Yes, Aaron is open to assignments throughout the Southeast depending on the scope of the project. 

7. How are the images delivered?

Your firm will have a private gallery on my website which will hold any and all projects we do together. In your gallery will be high res images for print and web optimized images for electronic use. You may download the images at any time from anywhere in the world. Of course only the firm(s) which paid for license of the images may use them.